Ultra Purge

Purging Compound for Automotive       

Ultra Purge P-O, and High-E Grades are commonly used in the automotive industry for cleaning hot runners, screws and barrels during color changes. Our purging compound can reduce scrap by-% and reduce downtime by 60-80 %.

Purging Compound for Injection Molding      

Ultra Purge works especially well with injection molding machines fr many types of applications including toys. It is name trusted by Husky Injection Molding systems.

Purging Compound for Hot Runners and Closures      

Ultra Purge can help clean hot runners for your closure applications. With Ultra Purge, You have the option to purge with the mold open or closed. Our specialists are availabe to provide more information.

Purging Compound for PET Preform Production      

Ultra Purge PET-E is specially formulated to clean injection injection molding machines for the production of PET preforms. An Innovative component allows Ultra Purge PET-E to be very efficient during color changes and the removal of carbon combinations

Purging Compound for Blow Molding       

Ultra Purge 9015 is the recommended grade to clean blow molding machines with or without accumulators. A unique expanding agent is added to allow Ultra Purge to reach all “dead spots” inside the accumulators and the extruder. Ultra Purge 9015 and PO-C are the concentrated grades and must be mixed with HDPE blow molding grade resin.

Purging Compound Applications for Extruders      

Ultra Purge is a leading providerof purging compounds for injection molding, hot runners, extruders and other plastic machinery applications. Ultra purge can effectively reduce waste and downtime for your business.

Purging Compound for Film Extruders      

Ultra Purge has grade for every extruder design and plastic resin. From twin screw to vented barrel extruders, Ultra ourge can effectively clean the barrel, screw and head of extrudes.